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Case Studies

Real examples of how the 360 technology and done-for-you approach has helped our clients to accomplish their key objectives.  

Case studies have been adjusted to protect the confidentiality of our clients and their business models.

How We Help in 90 Seconds

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High End Insurance Agency

Grow revenue 2x within 5 years without adding additional cost in the sales process


Regional Entertainment Provider

Maintain EBITDA with less financial risk to the ownership group and create alignment throughout the leadership team


Environmental Non-Profit

Align the Board of Directors and make continuous adjustments to drive and expand the mission


Startup Risk Management Firm

Drive national expansion and position the Company for a Sale


Investment Company

Leverage technology and process to scale the sales and sales team


Venture Funded Aerospace Company

Align the team and resources to scale and position Company for series A and series B funding

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Trusted By Companies Like You

We aim to help our clients to accomplish their key objectives.

The 360 platform supports leaders with a “done for you” approach to strategy, alignment, implementation, and ongoing execution.

“360 has allowed our firm to get aligned on how we are performing today, the current bottlenecks, the opportunities, and the plan to address those items. Our leadership team is on the same page, our team knows the plan, and we are all accountable to what we need to do.”  

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Financial Services

“Getting on the same page has produced results both inside as well as outside of the bottom line. We have been able to make better decisions, and most importantly, have the conversation needed so we can move forward together with a shared understanding.”

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“360 has accelerated our organization's growth in a very short amount of time. Our team is taking more responsibility and accountability and we are able to complete tasks from our shared visions with greater speed. It’s an easy to use system that is really helping us a lot.”

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